All our products are guaranteed nationally against manufacturing defects for 1 year, except for those products where another period is indicated.

The guarantee is expressly excluded in the following cases:

  • Transportation, accidents, improper use and other damages not due to normal use of the product by the customer after delivery of the merchandise. This guarantee only covers transport damage caused before receipt of the material.
  • Transport the product without the original packaging.
  • Marks, scratches or other damage caused by animals or improper use of the product.
  • Use or contact with chemicals (acids, solvents, dyes, paint, ammonia, lacquers or other products...).
  • Deterioration of color due to exposure of the product to the action of sunlight or other heat sources.
  • Indirect damages and losses of any kind.
  • Damage, personal and/or material, caused as a result of non-compliance, by the user, with the rules and instructions given by RELBER for its correct use
  • .The mixing of products with others, altering the original product.