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Relber was born with the idea of ​​selling industrial cleaning products.

It was established as a commercial company in order to distribute these products around the Valles area and expand little by little in the autonomous region.

A small family business was born with a clear philosophy: quality.

If one thing was clear, it was that customers should have the best products in their hands.


After a few years in the market they realized that it would be better to manufacture the products themselves to ensure the production processes, manufacturing regulations and ensure 100% of the quality they were selling.

Relber's first industrial warehouse was opened in Mollet del Vallés, where they began to manufacture products and chemically research new and improved formulations.

It was a before and after, since the final consumer began to be left aside and manufacturing for distributors was implemented.


Through the growth of the products, they managed to cover the area of ​​Catalonia and began sales nationwide and the expansion itself.

Seeing the company's projection and the success it was achieving, it was decided to move the factory and offices to a new industrial warehouse located in Caldes de Montbui, which continues to be Relber's current headquarters, allowing for a significant improvement in the process. productive.

It was then that we were able to start working with large distribution chains and gain a reputation in the market for their quality and reliability.


The company began to consider the idea of ​​expanding the business idea and found an interesting market segment: cycling.

They began to develop products and manufacture tests to find what would be the ideal secret formula.

After two years of research and development, what would be the definitive products was achieved: the sealant, a wax-based lubricant, and the cleaners.

The Relber Cycling Team was founded with that main purpose, to test and obtain the best possible products, in addition to being used as a marketing platform.



On June 6, the first bottle of Relber brand sealant was sold. It was not an easy task for the company since it is a market with large brands already established, but what was present was to continue with the same philosophy: quality.

​A challenge that I wanted to take on, a new market, new types of clients, new consumers, in general it meant everything was different to date.

A network of salespeople was established who began to sell the first units until they had several stores where they offered the products.


They began to take into account in the cycling line that there was a lack of products to offer to the store, in addition to a more striking and modern line. Then research began on oils and greases for bicycle maintenance, which quickly became the key.

At the same time, work was done to achieve this new corporate image that would be implemented in the new line of cycling products.

The Relber logo was modified, more modern and striking, eliminating the green and creating an association of orange with the Relber brand. A restructuring of the company's image, continuous improvement and adapting to the new market.


Relber continued to grow and they wanted to take a first step where it would allow them to become more known to the final public and stores.

It was the first year that the Sea Otter festival was held in Girona. One of the largest and most important festivals in all of Europe.

They decided to present themselves as a small brand that was starting out in the world of bicycle products.

As of this year, Relber has not missed a single year of Sea Otter.


RELBER presents its first specific product for athletes. The new detergent for high-quality cycling clothing.

Not only did he intend to take care of and pamper the bicycles, but he also wanted the athlete to take care of his equipment in order to give it more durability.

He also started in the world of cycling equipment, both in the mountains and on the road. Perform your first collaboration with multiple teams.

2020 - 2021

RELBER decides to give it a more current, simple, modern and at the same time elegant image. So he changes the logo with thinner, straighter and simpler letters and applies it to all his products.

It continues to expand its range of products for cyclists and launches a shoe cleaner in foam format. With which you can always wear your sports shoes clean in just 30 seconds.

Furthermore, it continues to grow and therefore decides to have a second warehouse to have large quantities of stock.

2022 - 2023

After some time of research in his laboratory, he begins the year innovating. They present the new anti-puncture sealant without ammonia. With a totally neutral odor and biodegradable and ecological with the environment. Other product improvements are made for its preservation.

They give a new look to their lubricants, taking the line further to that simple and elegant side that they were looking for.

It is also during these years that they began in the world of collaborations in competitions/pedaladas, etc. Promoting themselves in this way, offering products for the runner, setting up washing areas, etc.

The brand continues to grow year after year.


Year of improvements and growth in which new projects begin and the brand begins the year with desire and enthusiasm.

New achievements, such as the beginning of Relber's expansion internationally, such as Chile.

The year also starts with new products, in this case, accessories to help while cleaning the bicycle.